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+[Mind the Gaps-]+

(Or You'll Facking Burn in Bloody Hell)

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Ed; The Kink of Games. He's Magically Delicious!

The leading death cause in America is by insane teenagers swirling around in their computer chairs, then getting overly dizzy and passing out cold. Lack of air causes them to proceed to die, smiling, though, because spinning around in chairs is like smoking marijuana.

[ who in the hell is this dude? ]

PH33R M3.
My name is Edward, but mostly everyone has their own special nickname for me. Be warned, though; try and be smart-alecy by giving me a demented name, and I'll give you one twice as bad <33. And I beg of you not to get on my bad side; you might not survive to see another livejournal post again if you do.
Don't worry; I don't bite too hard.

[ things he hates besides spinach ]

Anime/Manga Bashers.
You guys just suck. Period.
Dogs that bark too much.
I spat insults at them, then
shoot them and boil them in a big pot for supper. Mmm.
Extremely preppy, loathesome, air-headed valley girls.
ohmigawd! I broke a nail, Becky! I'm liek, gunna diiie!"
These stupid freaks usually hae no basis for their insults. Sometimes, they're jealous and just want to make you feel shitty. I like to eat them for breakfast.
You guys are the worst, honestly. And sometimes, it's not even your fault; it could be your parents fault, or your religion's fault. I mean, jeebus, even I was a homophobe at one time. I sucked, too =P. (Make one comment about that, and I might slap you repeatedly.)
You losers seriously need to be put to death.
One word: POINTLESS.
Spending my own money.

[ things he doesn't wish to strangle ]

Avenue Q.
The day I see that insane, adult, wonderful, musical, I will die of happiness.
Fall Out Boy.
Luff that band.
I would die without you guys.
Frightening people.
Giggling at poorly written fics.
Even if they're mine.
Kinky. Sexy. Fuzzy,
Can't like without the intenet. I mean, come on. What else would I do all day besides type
and rant and do pointless chatting?
Making people laugh.
Ha, ha.
Ties. I have an unnatural obsession with them.

[ things he likes to do besides waste his life away ]

Writing and Drawing. I'm getting better =3.
Roleplaying. I roleplay yaoi so much, I forgot how to flirt like a girl for a split second.
Playing the Piano. I'm lazy with learning songs and suck at notereading,
but love playing songs by heart after I learn them.
Reading. When it comes to reading, I'm so picky, it's insane.
Insulting. Insulting people is my favorite pastime. Besides poking, of course.
Mocking. Great fun. Especially when mocking that fake tanned, hideous, make-up covered slut from American Idol =/. Watching people that can't sing is almost as fun as mocking them ^_^.
Talking. Something I do way too much.
Fangirling. WOOO!

[ why he sucks]

I cry easily, have many mood swings, get depressed often,
and sometimes hurt people I don't want to hurt.

[ why he pwns j00 ]

I can make people laugh easily, I'm intelligent, I tend not to act too downcast, even if my day is crappy, I can PWN all of you (heh, don't hurt me ^^;. I kid, i kid.), I can't be labeled with stupid things like goth and prep or punk or whatever, because my personality is ever-changing. I would add more, but most people don't know many of their stong points unless their egotistical bastards.

[ defintions to words that come in handy ]

Main Entry: Edisinsaneanese
Pronunciation: Ed(ward)-is-insane(as in, not sane =P.)-a(EH?!)-nese(YOU KICKED MY KNEES, MOTHAFUCKA!)
Function: noun
Etymology: Derived from hitting self on the head with a Newtype magazine containing a picture of Edward Elric.
Definition: The not-making-sense language that Ed speaks. Contains words like "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEK," "MOOOTUUP," "SNARCKLE," "BOOKIE," et cetera.

Main Entry: Edward's Novelist Mode
Pronunciation: You're a complete dunce if you cannot figure that out.
Function: noun
Etymology: Derived from the insane brain of yours truly.
Definition: When an Edward is wishing to let her creative juices flow by tap-tap-tapping onto the keyboard, writing words that fly into her mind as someone wishes for her to complete a story for them to read over and over, their hearts leaping with pleasure at the finished project.

Main Entry: Fluffoluffogus
Pronunciation: Fluff(as in that stuff that falls from the sky)-oh(Oh, shut up.)-luff(I luff you)-oh(Oh, you loser.)-gus(That guy named Gus is my bitch)
Function: noun
Etymology: Derived from the insane brain of yours truly.
Definition: The insane, demon cat that shall someday take over the entire universe, with her cuddly, brown, white and black stripes and glowing green eyes, along with her devilish smirk and constantly swaying tail. Always maniacally plotting against the human race.

Main Entry: NyoNyo
Pronunciation: Nee-oh-nee-oh
Function: noun
Etymology: Derived from an MSN Username
Definition: Vocabulary consists of: LET'S RP, WANNA RP?, RPing is GOOD, RP WITH ME, and HI. Very interesting creature.

Main Entry: Ryou Hunny Bunny
Pronunciation: ...Figure it out for yourself =).
Function: noun
Etymology: Derived from the existance of Ryou, honey, and bunnies.
Definition: Mah biznatch. Bunches of stripes from a tiger fluttering around in the air. Fellow angstshipper. Cutie. Luffable.

Main Entry: Va-Va-Va-Nilla-Da-Milla
Pronunciation: Vuh, vuh, vuh, nilla, duh, milla. (You idiots.)
Function: noun
Etymology: Derived from white chocolate cheese.

[ check the links, yo ]

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[ stamped liek whoa ]

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